Ichiro Miwa

Ichiro Miwa

Mexico City, Mexico

Instagram: ichiro_30_



Age: 9yrs old

Height: 4´5" Tall

Weight: 65lbs.

Category:  65cc

Race Team: Cortero Racing


I am 9yrs old from Mexico City. My father is Japanese and my mother is Mexican. I am fluent in Spanish, Japanese and English.
I started riding motocross at 5yrs old. after many years of competing in Mexico in 2022 I set my sights on the USA. I currently train and race in the USA for team Cortero racing.

Career Highlights

2024 Texas Winter Series – 2/16/2024- 65cc (7-9)  6th

2023 Mini Moto Triple Crown Rd 3 - 7/8/2023 - 65cc (7-9) (P1)

2023 EMX Championship Series - 6/11/2023 - 65cc 7-9 (P1)

2023 Mini Moto Triple Crown Rd 3 - 7/8/2023 - 65cc Combined Open (7-11) (P2)

2023 Mini Moto Triple Crown Rd 1 - 6/4/2023 - 65cc (7-9) (P2)

Future plans

I plan to continue training and racing in the USA and I hope to qualify to compete in the Loretta Lynne national championship. My dream is to one day compete professionally.