About Us

by Richard Davis (founder)

Our Race Team

It all starts with the Motocross team. Cortero Racing is a youth motocross team made up of incredibly talented, gritty kids ages 9-16 years old. Our current squad are all kids from Mexico who have relocated to the US with their families. Cortero Racing was started out of necessity but we will get back to that. We wanted to give the team a name that had a latino tone and styling to maintain its Mexican roots. So we came up with Cortero which is a combination of my wife’s paternal last name (Cortes) and her first name (Rosa). So why a motocross team? Well, people around me know how passionate I am about anything that revolves around dirt bikes.
Those who follow my social media also know that my son races motocross. Now, circling back to why I say “it was started out of necessity.” Since 2018 I have been dealing with a neurological disease called Primary Lateral Sclerosis. It is a progressive disease that attacks the motor neurons responsible for the movement of your voluntary muscles. It typically starts in your limbs, and then works its way up eventually affecting speech and swallowing. It is a lesser known variant of ALS a.k.a., Lou Gehrig’s disease. As my condition has deteriorated, I've been unable to support my son's passion for motocross as much as I want to. If you have a child who competes in motocross, you know you need to be a mechanic, driver, and pit crew member all rolled into one! PLS has made that nearly impossible. So, I had this idea to create a team and entice other riders and their families to join. Together, we could create a pit crew, pooling all of our resources together, and support one another. That would lighten the load on us as parents!

So what’s the connection to Mexico?

For the last 20 years, I’ve been living in Mexico. I met my wife there, and we had two boys that were both born in Mexico. A little over a year ago, we made the decision to move to the US so that I could be closer to my doctors and to give the kids a chance to experience the other half of their nationality.

Promoting the ALS Association

Understanding the Impact of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Most people associate the ALS Association with the Ice Bucket Challenge, which was popular a few years back. Everyone knows that proceeds go into funding the research for the cure. What is often overlooked and we are determined to raise awareness for is the funding that goes to home care.

Beyond Research: How the ALS Association Supports Patients and Families

Cortero Racing wants the world to know that the ALS Association funds research for finding a cure but also they fund professional home care nurses who provide medical care and help people make meals, get dressed, and do laundry that can also offer comfort and companionship.

Supporting ALS Patients: The Importance of Home Care Funding

Unfortunately, health insurance and Medicare don't cover this home care. However, everyone with ALS or PLS will need it at some time in the future.

And that's exactly what Cortero Racing is trying to raise awareness about!

Every time someone purchases a tee, hoodie, or other item from the Cortero Racing store, they help support this cause. Could you imagine not having anybody by your side through something like this? It wouldn’t be possible.


Cortero Racing apparel started when our founder,
who has PLS , needed revenue streams to support the race team he had created.

Why not take this opportunity to do something that he is always wanted to do. Create an apparel brand that combined his love for extreme sports with his experience in textile manufacturing.

That brand could support the motocross team he created, of which his son was part. It would also increase awareness for the
ALS Association. A triple whammy!

And who wouldn't want to wear trendy clothing while supporting a beloved charity?

At that time, the Cortero Racing team was already doing great things by raising awareness for the ALS Association. That's one of the reasons it came about. However, an apparel brand would go one step
further and make a real change.

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